Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grab that nice domain name!

We all know, good domain names are all gone! But, wait, a lot of them are still available.

Whether you were looking for a keyword-rich domain or a catchy one, I have a bunch of them for you to choose from; buy; build your dream website; and be proud!

I am gonna list most of the nice domains I happen to have for sale on Godaddy, SEDO or elsewhere. If you like a name, don't waste time and go directly to the domain's url and let me know the price you could afford for the name. We will proceed with the domain at a price reasonable for both sides.

Happy domaining!

P.S. - The domains are also listed by me on GoDaddy auctions and SEDO. However, direct contacts will be given preference. Final sale will be via Godaddy or SEDO escrowing process for safety of both sides.

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